Jamaica's National Cyber Security Strategy

Jamaica's National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS) - Overview


The National Cyber Security Strategy is developed on the premise that ICT is a necessary tool for national development.  However it comes with inherent risks that must be mitigated against.  This developed strategy seeks to establish a framework built around the following areas;

  1. Technical Measures
  2. Human Resource and Capacity Building
  3. Legal and regulatory
  4. Public Education and Awareness


Technical measures

Technical Measures will seek to ensure that network infrastructure and in particular critical infrastructure systems are resilient to cyber threats. These efforts will include the establishment of a Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT). A risk based approach will be adopted whereby risk assessments will be undertaken and the necessary preventative measures (including the application of best practices and standards) will be promoted and adopted by both the private and public sector.


Human Resource and Capacity Building

Human Resource and Capacity Building recognises that establishing and sustaining a pool of trained professionals in Information Security will assist in ensuring there is national capacity to detect, respond and recover from cyber incidents as well as promote local research and development in Information Security in Jamaica.


Legal and Regulatory

Legal and Regulatory efforts will be focused on examining and undertaking reform in the legislative landscape to promote a healthy and safe business environment where businesses can thrive and all stakeholders can be assured that should they fall victim to cybercrimes there is recourse.


Public Education and awareness

Public Education and Awareness seeks to develop targeted campaigns

to facilitate each stakeholder group’s understanding the potential threats and risks they would likely face and appropriate action they can take to protect themselves. The vulnerable in the society are specifically identified as requiring special attention.


The NCSS represents a high-level approach to cyber security that establishes a range of national objectives and priorities that will be achieved within a specified timeframe.

It seeks to:

  1. address minimum standards for the protection of critical infrastructure and sensitive data;
  2.  develop and sustain a pool of information security professionals in both the private and public sector;
  3.  establish a sound legal framework that will create offences for which there will be legal recourse;
  4.  promote public education and awareness regarding cyber security; and
  5. develop a culture of cyber-security. Ultimately the Strategy, will seek to engender confidence in cyber space such that Jamaicans can continue to achieve their full potential.


A cyber-security strategy helps the government in

-          improving the way threats to our computer systems that are of national

importance are detected and responded to.

-          working with agencies and business to help protect computer systems

-          working with international partners to help protect computer systems

-          modelling best practice in the way computer systems are protected

-    ensuring that there are laws in place to help protect our computer systems – by being   able to investigate and prosecute cyber criminals

-   ensuring that there are skilled professionals available to help keep computer systems safe, and

- providing all with the information, confidence and practical tools needed to protect themselves online.


As part of the Cyber Security Strategy, there are two initiatives that will work together to help protect computer systems:


The Signing of the MOC with the STOP CLICK CONNECT Campaign and the setting up of a CIRT with the assistance of the ITU and The OAS.